New sim- Brianna Walton

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Svita Lundvist.

Wheee, she`s so nice! *3*

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Now we reached this point and I’m sooo happy about this!

Thank you guys! Gift soon <3

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Don't forget to sign the petition to include toddlers and pools in the base game! →






While they have already surpassed 10k signatures, it’s important to note that it is extremely unlikely that any amount of signatures would result in toddlers and/or pools in The Sims 4 come September 2nd.

However, it’s absolutely essential to sign and show EA that we are holding them responsible for the quality of The Sims 4. They feel comfortable removing core features from the game because they know that passionate fans will purchase it later in DLC. They get away with doing less work and ending up with more money because we allow it to happen.

We have to take a united stance on the issue. Don’t let EA take advantage of you! We should not have to pay $70 for an empty game engine, and $40 twice a year for features that have been in The Sims franchise for over a decade. The Sims 4 should be a full, standalone game, and expansions should only flesh out features and provide new experiences. Toddlers and pools are not new experiences.

At the very least, this petition will signal to EA that we will not accept receiving this content later on in the form of costly DLC. I highly suggest signing, and if you already have, then please reblog this and spread the word!

You don’t have to hate EA or The Sims 4, but if you truly care about The Sims and want it to be the best game it can be, then you must stand up for yourself!


already signed. reblogging for those that didn’t.

Signed sealed delivered

Because signing petitions makes me feel productive so you should too ;)

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***1.600 Followers Gift***


I made some new Contacts! :D


-Don’t reupload them

-Don’t reupload them to

-Don’t claim them as your own

-Don’t edit them without my permission

These are Hand drawn Contacts, on a bigger Picture size so they have a better Quality. c:

You need master Controller for layering them with a sclera you like. :3


Woah :Q__

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Pastry Box Baby’s On Fire

  • Female, Teen - Elder
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • .package file
  • Mesh: Newsea & Nightcrawler
  • Scalp + Face Texture: Jan
  • Texture: Mille-feuille
  • Controls: Vanilla
  • Model: Riley


Here’s a small birthday gift from myself to you guys and ahh! My first frankenmesh, heavily inspired by Yo-Landi Vi$$er. And with it being my first frankie, it is a far cry from perfect. The only real problematic looking thing is the positioning of the hair part. I tried to realign it and center it, but it just wasn’t looking right either way so I left it be. I’m sure once I gather more 3D modeling experience under my belt I’ll re-visit this project and fix it or scrap it completely and mesh it from scratch. We shall see!

— DOWNLOAD | Dropbox × Mega
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Enjoy! 。◕‿◕。

So nifty, love it! Thank you c:

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New sim- Halsten Norberg

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OMG, I love it so much! Good job!

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Here we go c:

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